HC Data

3KL - 20KL


40 µ Strainer

Flow rate

Flow rate
100 LPM


± 0.1%

Hose Length

Hose Length
15 Meters



Refueller HC 3KL - 20KL

Technical Specification

Volume | Body Fuel Tank
3KL - 20KL
"X" Nos. (As per Custom Designed Tank)
Design / Shape
Max Section
Sheet Thickness
3.15 mm M.S. Sheet
Stand Saddle Thickness
8 mm M.S. Plate | 10 mm M.S. Plate
Enclosure Box
Metal Enclosure as per Design

Tank Inlet | Outlet | Safety
Manhole with Cover Plate
"X" Nos. (with Rubber Gasket packing)
Manhole Dome
"X" Nos. (with provision for lock)
Fill Point with Cap
"X" Nos. (Included with 4" Dia. Extended Perforated Pipe)
Dip Point with Cap
"X" Nos. (Included with 1" Dia. Extended Perforated Pipe)
Emergency Vent (C.C.O.E. Approved)
"X" Nos. (2.5" Dia. With Bi-metal alloy)
Pressure Vaccum Valve (C.C.O.E. Approved)
"X" Nos.
Emergency Shut-off Valve (C.C.O.E. Approved)
"X" Nos. (with Lever)
Fusible Link (C.C.O.E. Approved)
"X" Nos.
Static Discharge | Grounding Reel
2 Nos. (with 10 Meter wire & crocodile clip)
Earthing Strip
2 Nos. (Material Copper)

Component | Pipe | Hose Dispensing Unit
Pipe Fittings
SS Ball Valve, Elbow, T, Flanges, Swivel
Filtration - I
125 Micron Y-Type Strainer Pre-Pump
Filtration - II
40 Micron Air eleminator Cum Strainer Pre-Pump
Primary Fuel Pump
PTO Shaft Driven Mechanical Vane Pump
Flow Meter
3 Piston Reciprocating Positive Displacement Flow Meter
Hose Reel
Self-winding with 5-in-1 Flow Cast and Large Rim Size
Hose Pipe
15 metres Black-Snake Petroleum Hose
Delivery Nozzle
Auto-Shut Off with Swivel

Spare | Tools Accessories
Fuel Level Indicator
"X" Nos. Aluminium Dip Stick
Fire Extinguisher
1 Nos. ( 9 Kg. - DCP )
Fire Extinguisher in Cabin
1 Nos. ( 2 Kg. - ABC )
4 mm LN key, Spanners, Screw Driver

"X" Nos. as per number of compartments designed
CCOE Approval / License subject to requirement of documents fulfilled by customer.