DX Data

2400 Ltrs


30 µ WB-5 µ PC

Flow rate

Flow rate
50 LPM


± 0.1%

Hose Length

Hose Length
10 Meters



Refueller Dx-2400 L

Modal Variants

Model Variation Description
R-DXVM-2400L Vehicle Chassis Suitable Automative Chassis in Client Scope Mounted on Chassis Frame of Vehicle.
R-DXST-2400L Skid Frame Steel Square Tube Frame | 4 Point Hooking Eyes |Fork Lift Pockets | Battery Pack Included
R-DXTB-2400L Trailer Frame Single Axle Square Tube Trailer | Pivot Wheel | Front Tow Hook | Battery Pack Included

Technical Specification

Volume | Body Fuel Tank
2400 Ltrs
Design / Shape
Max Section with Extended Shell
Sheet Thickness
3.15 mm M.S. Plate
Stand Saddle Thickness
8 mm M.S. Plate | 10 mm M.S. Plate
Rear Shutter
Strengthened Fibre-moulded Dish with lock

Tank Inlet | Outlet | Safety
Manhole with Cover Plate
3 Nos. (with Rubber Gasket Packing)
Manhole Dome
3 Nos. (with provision for lock)
Fill Point with Cap
3 Nos. (Included with 4" Dia. Extended Perforated Pipe)
Dip Point with Cap
3 Nos. (Included with 1" Dia. Extended Perforated Pipe)
Emergency Vent (C.C.O.E. Approved)
3 Nos. (2.5" Dia. With Bi-metal alloy)
Pressure Vaccum Valve (C.C.O.E. Approved)
3 Nos.
Emergency Shut-off Valve (C.C.O.E. Approved)
3 Nos. (with Lever)
Fusible Link (C.C.O.E. Approved)
3 Nos.
Static Discharge | Grounding Reel
1 Nos. (with 10 meter wire & crocodile clip)
Earthing Strips
2 Nos. (Material Copper)

Component | Pipe | Hose Dispensing Unit
Pipe Fitting
SS Ball Valve, Elbow, T, Flanges, Swivel
Filtration - I
30 Micron Water Blocker Filter
Filtration - II
5 Micron Particular Fuel Filter
Primary Fuel Pump
12 V DC Dual Rotary Vane Pump
Stand-by Fuel Pump
Cast Iron Rotary Tri-Vane Pump
Flow Meter
3-Piston Reciprocating Positive Displacement Flow Meter
Hose Reel
Self-winding with 5-in-1 Flow Cast
Hose Pipe
10 Metres Black-Snake Petroleum Hose
Delivery Nozzle
Auto Shut Off with Swivel

Spare | Tools Accessories
Fuel Level Indicator
1 Nos. Marked Aluminium Dip Stick
Fire Extinguisher
1 Nos. ( 9 Kg. - DCP )
Fire Extinguisher in Cabin
1 Nos. ( 2 Kg. - ABC - For R-DXVM-2400L Only )
Filtration Element
1 Nos. Extra (125 Micron SS Mesh Washable)
4 mm LN key, Spanners, Screw Driver

Weight | Dimensions

Model Name Length (L) Breadth (B) Height (H) Weight Empty Weight with Fuel
R-DXVM - 2400L 3600 mm 1500 mm 1250 mm 800 Kgs 2800 Kgs
R-DXST - 2400L 3700 mm 1700 mm 1500 mm 1200 Kgs 3200 Kgs
R-DXTB - 2400L 5000 mm 1800 mm 2000 mm 1700 Kgs 3700 Kgs